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CREC Churches

CREC Church in Belarus

Evangelical Reformed Church
Mogilev, Belarus
Sergey Udaliov


We ask to pray for the start of the ministry. And ask to pray for our small group ministry.


We have a Sunday morning worship meeting and as well as a catechism study once a week. Another type of service to the community is the Internet ministry based on the church website. In addition a, Youtube channel, on which the videos of Sunday sermons are posted. The purpose of this service is information support of the ministry of the church. The Brest mission church was started from this ministry.


Economic and political problems force people to leave the country. This affects the growth of the community as it often decreases.

News & Updates on Belarus

Ukraine Update: March 18, 2022

Ukraine Update: March 18, 2022

The war began 21 days ago, and the Lord has stirred the hearts of many saints to respond to the needs in Ukraine. We continue to receive inquiries and donations from various quarters. The response is remarkable.The grace continues to flow. We praise the Lord for His...

Ukraine Updates: March 6, 2022

Ukraine Updates: March 6, 2022

an update on the Ukraine war crisis and its impact on our six sister CREC churches in Ukraine, as well as JEEP’s response the past 11 days since the Russian army invaded Ukraine on February 24.

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Summer 2021 Newsletter

Please pray for the newly-formed Hus Presbytery, as the churches may be hindered from meeting in person this fall, again due to Covid regulations. An alternate ad hoc meeting is being considered, similar to last year’s meeting. Not only this, but depending on Covid...

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