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Presbyterian Reformed Church of Burgas
Burgas, Bulgaria
Yavor Rusinov

Presbyterian Reformed Church of Burgas was created in 2005 by its pastor, Yavor Rusinov. Until that time he served as a youth pastor in the Pentecostal Church in Burgas. In the spring of 2005, Yavor Rusinov with his wife left the Pentecostal Church and created a new one with Reformed doctrine. Around 10 people joined the new church and it grew to 37 members with eight households. Over the years many of its members and families have emigrated to other countries but still continue to feel as part of the church and join the church in covenant renewal services in their visits to Bulgaria.

The vision of the church is to empower the people to apply God’s Law in each sphere of life, respectively, changing the culture around, making congregants independent and successful businessmen and employees in the world. For this purpose the church organizes regular annual events like Biblical Worldview Conferences where the speakers work on the developing of biblical worldview. The church actively participates in supporting, financing, translating and publishing books on biblical worldview. All sermons are recorded and uploaded to the internet.

Our main challenges are how to be more efficient, because of the prejudices among Orthodox and Evangelical Christians.

Right now we are in a process of negotiating with an author of many books for homeschoolers about the freedom in the society. Please pray to reach an agreement and make the books available in Bulgaria as soon as possible.

The church is full member of CREC since 2010 and it is located in the city of Burgas, Bulgaria.

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Ukraine Update 2024

Ukraine Update 2024

JEEP has operated a War Relief budget since the full-scale Russian invasion began in 2022. These funds have accomplished a great deal in the relief of refugees, expanding the footprint of the CRE churches and ministries in Ukraine, by acquiring new buildings and property used to serve the Kingdom work of the CREC pastors.

JEEP 2024 Projected Needs

JEEP 2024 Projected Needs

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