We are pleased to report that your efforts to provide vans to JEEP have been blessed by God. We purchased one vehicle and the funds for a second are in hand.

Your efforts have provided the means to immediately deliver much needed supplies directly to Ukraine. Our next goal is to send Pastor Bogomil Jarmulak into Ukraine with a van full of supplies for our Churches and war refugees.

The faithfulness of the Lord is beautiful to behold. On behalf of the Saints in Eastern Europe, especially Ukraine, we thank you.

Ongoing support is crucial to our kingdom building efforts in Eastern Europe and our response to the crisis in Ukraine. We warmly welcome your generosity and partnership in our efforts, as we continue to build up the body of Christ in Eastern Europe and come to the aid of our Ukrainian brothers and sisters.


In Hungary, the Ukrainian women from the church in Ivano-Frankivsk are starting meetings for Ukrainian refugees in Budapest.

When Attila went to the border to collect the Ukrainian girls at the beginning of the war, his car broke down, disrupting his ability to do his regular business and also the extra business connected with the war. JEEP was able to help him with repairs for this car.


Sergiy Terentiev has restarted Svitlo school online. Most of the students and teachers are abroad, but they are able to do 3-4 lessons a day via Zoom. 

Sergiy is also organizing Zoom support groups for teachers, helping them talk through their worries, support each other, and he is also running training sessions on how to counsel and work with children who are going through trauma. More than 250 teachers have signed up for his first lecture “Children and War: What a Teacher Needs to Know.” With other psychologists they are planning to organize training that will help support teachers working with children during this time.

He also runs online meetings a couple times a week for prayer with members of his church, both in Ukraine and abroad. He prepares a short sermon, they sing, pray, and communicate with each other. This is helping his members stay connected. He runs support groups and psychology classes that anyone can join for free, and from time to time he does interviews on radio or TV where he gives advice on working with children, and remaining calm during the war.

Twice a week he and a brother in Christ help greet refugees at the Rivne railway station. The trains bring people from Kyiv and Kharkiv, and Sergiy meets them, ministers to them, and helps them find food and housing in the city.

They are also buying supplies and delivering them to those in need in Rivne, usually single mothers, elderly people, and orphans in the city. 

From Sergiy on the situation in Rivne:

In Rivne, where I live, it’s relatively peaceful, but on Monday, March 14th the Russian aggressor missile attacked and destroyed a TV tower near Rivne (21 people died). Every day, a couple times a day the air raid sirens go off. On Wednesday in Sarny city, 40 km away towards Belarusian border, a couple missiles fell. Thank God, no casualties. All this interferes with our work, but thank God it’s relatively peaceful here, especially compared to Kyiv, Kharkiv, Mariupol. 

I am very grateful for your words of support, prayers and financial aid. It gives us an opportunity to live and help others.

Dr. Dan Doolittle is continuing to help train medical volunteers. His son Alden recently joined him in Rivne.


From Pastor Volodymr Yakubovsky:

The last few days I have been particularly concerned with two issues:

The first one: my friend, a Lutheran pastor from Kyiv, evacuated several people from Kyiv from a “house of mercy.” These guys have had a difficult life. Some of them were drug addicts and homeless people in the past. Now some of them are disabled. We gave them shelter, and I also brought them to the Sunday service. Tomorrow I am going to give them a bible lesson

The second one: yesterday a family from Chernihiv came to us. Two Russian missiles hit their apartment building. They miraculously survived. They have two children, the boy is seven years old (he is disabled), and the girl is only 28 days old. Her mother gave birth to her on the night when the war began and they spent more than 25 days in a shelter in the basement. Unfortunately the girl was born with a birth defect, and she needs surgery. We’re trying to find a way to send them to Germany so that her little girl can be operated on.


From deacon San Sanych Jr.:

In times of war, there are even more people around us who need help. We continue to serve people who were forced to leave their homes and moved to Ivano-Frankivsk. Those who need clothes, products or a place to stay and are in Ivano-Frankivsk, may contact us. We are happy to help. 

Thank you to everyone who already supports our service! May the Lord abundantly reward you now and even more in the fullness of the Kingdom of Christ! We will surely win!

Christ reigns and long live Ukraine!


Volodya Mykyta has been able to buy food and medicine for his family, their church, and the people in the city with the funds that JEEP has been providing. They have 53 church members, and 19 other people that they are helping and supporting.

Volodya asks for these specific prayer requests:

  1. For protection and safety of people.  Church members, their families, people in general in the city.
  2. For the end of hostilities.
  3. For the mental and physical health of church members
  4. For spiritual fortitude to endure and survive the war.
  5. For the preservation of the church and the conversion of new people to God during the war.