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CREC Churches

CREC Churches in Ukraine

Reformed Church of Christ the Savior
Rivne, Ukraine


Weekly covenant-renewal worship, conferences, student meetings, help to needy people and refugees, organization of medical aid, mission churches, involvement in the Alliance of Reformed Churches, prayer meetings with other local churches, etc.


Economic and political situation. Medical problems.


Effectiveness and wisdom in service, especially during this time. Pastor San Sanych’ s organizational work and mentoring. Heating for their facility through the winter.


Sunday worship, Friday Bible studies, monthly picnics. Ministry to alcoholics and drug addicts and outreach to their children. 


Discouraging mission field with addicts. Pastor Lishchinski works full-time to support his family and congregation and does not have enough time for ministry work. 


Endurance in ministry. Peace in the country. Praise for the ordination of their deacon, Roman Savchuk, to help serve the church. 

The Reformed Church of Ivano-Frankivsk
Ivano-Frankivsk, Ukraine
Mission Church of Rivne Biblical Church

Reformed Evangelical Church of St. Andrew is located in western Ukraine in the city of Pidhaychyky. This body has been a CREC candidate church since 2015. Pastor Volodymyr Yakubovsky serves as the church’s full-time pastor. along with two other elders.

Reformed Church of St Andrew
Pidhaychyky, Ukraine
Volodymyr Yakubovsky


Sunday worship, visitations to the elderly, distribution of literature, Friday school for children, weekly Bible studies with adults and catechism classes with teenagers. Pastor Pavyluk is chairman of the Spiritual Board of the city (a council of ministers of different churches) and serves to help build good relationships with other Christians and government.


After several years of saving, the church was finally able to buy an office. Because they don’ t have a church building, it will be very helpful and cost effective, but it still needs repairs that they cannot afford.


Health for Andrew Mutz, a church deacon and father of two, who has multiple sclerosis and needs constant care. The possibility for the church to start making a TV program on local television.

Holy Trinity Reformed Church
Dunaivtsi, Ukraine
Alexander Pavlyuk

God’s Covenant Reformed Evangelical Church
Rivne, Ukraine
Serhii Terentiev

Pastor Terentiev serves God’s Covenant Reformed Evangelical Church, which joined the CREC in 2017. This congregation oversees a Christian school “Svitlo” (meaning “Light”), now in its second year. Serhii played a big role in starting the school, which is a cooperative effort between the two Rivne CREC churches. Serhii currently both teaches at Svitlo, and also serves as an administrative official. This is breaking new ground for the CREC in Eastern Europe, and JEEP is providing financial support for this work.

Since COVID restrictions were implemented in Ukraine, Svitlo classes have been moved to online only. Pastor Stuart Bryan’s daughter Julia has been working at/with the school since January, and reports that despite the lockdown, Svitlo’s virtual classes are going well, and students are progressing. Please pray for Serhii, Julia, and the other teachers, and for this ministry to thrive and grow.

More Ukrainian Ministries

There are also many ministries in Ukraine, including Svitlo Christian School, the “Tsehla” Christian Youth ministry, and Nazareth House. Find out more on our ministries page.

News & Updates on Ukraine

JEEP Update: September 5, 2022

JEEP Update: September 5, 2022

Dear JEEP Supporters,  I, Mike Kloss, just returned from a twenty-day trip to Eastern Europe. First, I joined Reformed  Evangelical Church in Wroclaw, Poland for their family camp. This was not a JEEP related event, but I spent time with our Hus presbytery...

Ukraine Update: May 16, 2022

Ukraine Update: May 16, 2022

Pictured above: the saints of Mykolaiv receive supplies. Russia’s ongoing assault on Ukraine has resulted in devastation in many areas, as well as personal loss, injury, humiliation, and deaths for many Ukrainian citizens. Many people in heavily sieged areas, such as...

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